• Russian 10 x 80 Binoculars

    A splendid pair of 10 x 80 (10 power magnification and 80 mm objective lenses) cold war era Russian military observation binoculars. Based around earlier German inclined ocular designs, the binoculars have now been stripped of their original paint, the cast aluminium polished to a mirror finish and then mounted on a custom made bracket fitted to a period height adjustable wooden tripod stand. The brass oculars have been stripped of their original black finish, polished, cleaned and then plated with a thin layer of gold to prevent them tarnishing and minimise cleaning. The optics have been fully refurbished to the highest standards. These binoculars come with a newly made hardwood floor stand to provide stability to the tripod.

    Dimensions: 32 cm/12½ inches (length of binocular).
    Price £5,000-10,000

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