• Hermès Desk Set

    An exceptionally rare crocodile skin desk set designed by Paul Dupré-Lafon for Hermès. The set comprises a large blotter, a rocker blotter, a box, and a note pad. Circa 1935.


    Large blotter: 44.5 cm/17½ inches x 33 cm/13 inches

    Rocker blotter: 17 cm/6¾ inches x 9.5 cm/3¾ inches x 7 cm/2¾ inches

    Box: 17 cm/6¾ inches x 12.5 cm/5 inches x 5.5 cm/2¼ inches

    Note pad: 20 cm/8 inches x 12.5 cm/5 inches
    Price £10,000-20,000 This item is covered by CITIES regulations.

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