• Pair of Model Wooden Gliders

    Two finely carved, laminated wooden models of gliders from one of the German airfields such as Oerlinghausen or Scharfoldendorf. They are mounted on a Perspex stand that sits on a wooden base and one model also has a perspex cockpit. These models were given as prizes in post WWII gilding competitions staged at the airfields by British Royal Air Force (RAF) Gliding Associations (made up from service personnel stationed throughout Western Germany). The models are of two German 1930's designed sailplane gliders, such as a DFS Kranich and Schleicher Condor.

    Dimensions: Larger Model (Wing Span) 38.5 cm/15⅛ inches, (Typical height on stand) 22 cm/8¾ inches.
    Smaller Model: (Wing Span) 34 cm/13½ inches, (Typical height on stand) 22 cm/8¾ inches.
    Price £780.00 inc. VAT
    Outside the EU £650.00

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