• Pond Yacht 'Grace'

    An elegant Bermudian rigged pond yacht named ‘Grace', circa 1935. Constructed with a part painted plank on frame hull, beautifully curved planked deck, brass rudder and a lead keel. The model utilises a balanced main sail method of steering. The sails are copies of the originals and the model sits on a newly made stand using old timber.

    A main sheet steering mechanism uses balance gear, in which the boom is connected with the tiller in such a manner that, when it swings out with a pressure of wind, the rudder is automatically pulled round sufficiently to keep the yacht in its course. This will usually involve some sort of return spring (typically an elastic band) so that the mechanism is responsive to the wind.

    Dimensions: 101.5 cm/40 inches (length) x 161.5 cm/63⅝ inches (height on stand) x 22 cm/8⅝ inches (width)
    Price £3,900.00 inc. VAT
    Outside the EU £3,250.00


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