• Unpolished WWI Compass in Leather Case

    A type VIII ‘Verner’s Pattern’ military compass. This British military compass is called Verner's pattern after its designer's name, Colonel William Willoughby Cole Verner.
    It has a brass case, Mother of Pearl dial (to enhance reading in low level light), and a gemstone pivot bearing. To protect the dial when not in use it has a transit lock that is activated during lid closure. In use it can be sited on to a point in the distance and the bearing from North read off the compass dial through a prismatic lens. The underside of the brass case is engraved with the year of manufacture, 1918 and the broad arrow; the British ordnance mark. This example still has remnants of the original black lacquer finish and is not polished. The compass comes in its leather carry case that is also embossed with year of manufacture and broad arrow mark.

    Dimensions of compass: length 7.5 cm/2⅞ inches x diameter 5.25 cm/2⅛ inches x 2 cm/¾ inch.
    Price £475.00 inc. VAT
    Outside the EU £395.83

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