• 1950's 'Maserati' Tether Car

    A wonderful tether car model produced by E & M (The Experimental and Model Co.) of Coventry with engine and ‘Maserati style' bodywork and radiator grill. This particular model is in excellent condition and is deeply reminiscent of the heyday of the race cars of the 1950’s.
    The rear wheels run free on an axle that is pivoted in the middle to allow the car to 'steer'. The car was originally available as a kit that would need to be assembled.

    Tether Cars are model racing cars powered by miniature internal combustion engines. Tether car racing started in California in the late 1930’s. A 'cable track' race car, such as this, was attached to a central post by a steel cable in such a manner that they are able to repeatedly run around a circular track. The cars race individually and the winner is determined based on average speed of several laps. Once the timed laps are completed, the car is typically stopped by a 'kill switch' that extends from the car so it can be triggered as the car passes by; the owner using a pole, broom or rag to activate the switch. Alternatively the car is simply allowed to run until it is out of fuel.
    Early engines (prior to the 1950s) had spark ignition systems. Later engines use glow plug ignition. A Glow Plug engine, or Glow engine, is a type of small internal combustion engine typically used in model aircraft, model cars and similar applications. Glow engine fuel generally consists of methanol with varying degrees of nitromethane content.

    Dimensions: 48 cm/19 inches (length) x 20 cm/8 inches (width) x 17 cm/6¾ inches (height)
    Price £5,000-10,000


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