• DC-3 ‘Dakota’ Wingtip Desk

    The Douglas DC-3 was designed in the mid 1930’s as a passenger and freight aircraft, but built during the war years 1941-45 in large numbers, as the DC-3 (C47) Transport Plane known as the Dakota. It became revered for its versatility and ruggedness. One of the detachable wing tips from a Dakota is used to form the basis of this stylish desk. Guaranteed all Douglas Factory Products, (or Original Equipment Manufacturer) and constructed mostly between 1941-1945. Firstly the layers of paint are stripped away and the riveted surface is then polished to a mirror finish. In order to get the flattest surface uppermost, for use as a desk, the wing is turned upside down. This also has the added benefit of making the navigation light more visible. The desk features two aluminium structural supports underneath, on which four mirror polished cast aluminium legs are mounted with 3 hex-bolts per leg for easy assembly. The wing tip best captures the style of the pre-war aviation designs, with it's elliptical shaped end and hundreds of mushroom rivets but it also has a contemporary feel with its mirror finish polished surface and sleek lines.

    Approximate Dimensions: 233cm/92 inches (length) x 152cm/60 inches (width).
    Price Over £20,000


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