• Karelian Birch Cigar Case

    Fabulous wooden cigar case, circa 1910, made from carved Karelian birch wood. Originating from the forests north east of St Petersburg, this wood was used by Fabergé amongst others, who chose it for its beautiful figuring. Karelian Birch is not a particular species but a variety of Silver Birch that provides timber with a specific grain figure. This peculiarity is the result of the tree repairing the damage caused by attack from insects. The ornamental appearance of this wood became popular from the turn of the 19th century on.

    Dimensions: 15.25 cm/6 inches (length) x 12 cm/4¾ inches (width) x 2.5 cm/1 inch (thick).
    Will take five torpedo shaped cigars with maximum diameter of 2.0 cm/44 ring gauge and maximum length of 13.5 cm/5⅜ inches.
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