• Edwardian Silver Stick Seat

    A rare example of an Edwardian era shooting stick in exceptional condition. The seat assembly has been cast and worked in solid silver without regard to cost. The cross member you can see in the photographs bears stamped trade marks for James Smith & Sons (widely recognised as the best stick makers in London at the time); Harrods Gun Dept; Registered Design Number 302681; a Registered Pattern Number 333181; silver hallmarks for London 1911; and the model name, 'The Cunliffe'. The various components also carry corresponding hallmarks.

    The whole seat assembly is mounted on an ebony cane. Such sticks are popularly known as 'shooting sticks', but were equally at home at the races, polo, or any field event where temporary relief from standing was provided by the device.

    Dimensions: Length is 38.5 inches/98 cm.
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