• Geographia 10 Inch Globe

    A splendid 10 inch terrestrial globe by Geographia of Fleet Street London. With brass semi-meridian on a turned wooden upright and circular base. Circa 1950. Printed in several colours, the globe comprises of twelve coated lithographic paper gores over a ten inch card sphere. The age of the globe has been identified by the political borders and named cities displayed. The globe is nicely detailed and has a grid network of parallels and meridians. It shows all the continents and countries as they were at the time it was printed and also indicates all the principal steamship routes with distances in nautical miles. A cartouche is present that includes the title and maker's address.

    Dimensions: 25.5 cm/10 inches (Diameter) x 39.5 cm/15½ inches (Height)
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