• Lockheed Super Constellation Model on Stand with Clock

    A stylish L-1049G Super Constellation Model on original stand with 8 day movement clock and KLM logo.

    KLM introduced the Super Constellation on their Amsterdam to New York transatlantic service in 1953. With its triple tail design and curved rear fuselage, this four-engine aircraft made a real impression on its arrival at Schiphol in 1946.
    In the Netherlands, Lockheed's Constellation range of aircraft were instrumental in the development of post-war intercontinental and transatlantic air transport and played a key role in the waves of emigration to Australia, Canada and New Zealand between 1946 and 1962.
    During this period, as many as 48 Constellations and extended Super Constellations flew for KLM making the Constellation one of the most frequently used aircraft types in KLM's history.

    Dimensions: (plane) 17 cm/6½ inches (length) x 19.5 cm/7¾ inches (wing span)
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