• Norfolk Hide Leather Attaché Case

    Splendid patinated dark tan leather Norfolk hide attaché case, circa 1920. With original leather handle, no initials and original Rexine lining to the interior. Stamped 'Warranted Solid Leather' and 'Ashtona Standard'.

    Norfolk hide is one of the very best-kept secrets harboured by collectors and dealers in fine luggage, and is highly prized. It is possibly the most unusual process in the manufacture of leather goods, which results in an entirely distinctive moulded finish. The process makes the leather so rigid that it feels like a vulcanised fibre - and has more visual and tactile density and a real depth of patination normally associated with wood. It also appears unusually free of structural seams and stitching, the parts are all of one piece, with no apparent joins. Interestingly, Norfolk hide takes its name from the fact that items were manufactured in Norfolk Street, Sheffield - and not, as one might assume, in the county of Norfolk.

    Dimensions: 38.75 cm/15¼ inches (length) x 26 cm/10⅜ inches (depth) x 11 cm/4⅜ inches (height)
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