• Sea Vixen Ejector Seat

    A Martin Baker ejector seat from a Sea Vixen jet, stripped and polished to a mirror finish. The Sea Vixen was a successful British two seat jet fighter in service from the 1950’s to the 1970’s. It operated in its primary role as a 'Carrier-based' fighter with the Fleet Air Arm (the air division of the Royal Navy) providing airborne cover for naval vessels. Circa 1965.

    Martin Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd was founded as an aircraft manufacturer in 1934 by Captain (later Sir) James Martin and Captain Valentine Baker and later became a pioneer in the field of ejection seats. Early seats like this example used a solid propellant charge to eject the pilot and seat by igniting the charge inside the telescoping tube attached to the back of the seat.

    Dimensions: 52 cm/20½ inches (width) x 96 cm/37¾ inches (depth) x 138 cm/54¼ inches (height)
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