• Three Equestrian Themed Clocks

    An unusual group of three French made nineteenth century clocks created from elements of horse tack including: bits, rings, buckles, chains, stirrups and stylised horseshoes, in various polished metals. Manufactured by the renowned clock making firm of Japy Frères Circa 1895.

    Frédéric Japy (1749-1812) was a pioneer in the industrialisation of not only clocks, but of manufacturing in general. An imaginative inventor of all sorts of machines, he began his career as a watchmaker, based in the French town of Beaucourt.
    In 1806 his three sons Pierre,"Fritz" and Louis joined the business and founded the trademark "Japy Frères". However, ultimately it was Frédéric's grandsons that did not have enough of the creative and inventive spirit of their grandfather and by World War One, most of the business had been sold off and the manufacturing dismantled.

    Dimensions (approx) 17.5 cm/7 inches x 17.5 cm/7 inches x 26.5 cm/10½ inches (height)

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