• Small Mahogany Four Blade Propeller

    Magnificent and rare small four blade aircraft propeller made by the workshops of Pobjoy. Constructed from carved laminated mahogany with brass edging. With stamped identification in two side areas of the central wooden boss. Amongst other information is POBJOY "R", denoting that the propeller is from a Pobjoy R British air-cooled, seven-cylinder, radial aircraft engine designed and built by Pobjoy Airmotors. First introduced in 1926 it was used to power ultralight and small aircraft of the 1930s. It's main advantage over competitors being that it was a small engine that was able to operate at more desirable higher speeds. This consequently meant that the aircraft required a smaller diameter propeller. Also stamped into the central wooden boss is the date of manufacture for this propeller; March 1935.

    Dimensions: 176 cm/69¼ inches (diameter) x 13 cm/5⅛ inches (thick)
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