• Thames River Cruiser Model 'Eton Girl'

    A 1950’s straight running River Cruiser model boat with original engine. Fully restored to it’s former glory.

    During the early years of racing these powered models, they were either straight running, or tethered. Tethered craft ran around a central anchor fixed in the centre of the lake, typically at high speed, until it's fuel was expended. Straight running craft were launched from one side of the lake and aimed, across the lake, at a number of marked posts forming a gate. Scores were accumulated according to accuracy of passing through the gate. One or more catchers would would be positioned at the far side of the lake and would receive the craft, and return it.

    Dimensions 94 cm/37 inches (length) x 20 cm/8 inches (width) x 30 cm/12 inches (height)
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