• Formula One Wind Tunnel Development Model

    A mid-late 1990's original development scale model of a Footwork/Arrows F1 race car. The model is crafted in carbon fibre, aluminium alloy and steel and was created for testing in the wind-tunnel that the Arrows team had opened in 1991.
    The car comes with it's own custom made stand (as displayed). This can also be re-configured to present the car on the bottom rail of the stand and have the top fitted with a glass surface for use as a table.

    Car Dimensions: 177 cm/69¾ inches long x 78.5 cm/31 inches wide.
    Stand Dimensions: 163 cm/64 inches long x 72 cm/28¼ inches wide x 73.5 cm/29 inches tall.
    Price £10,000-20,000


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