• Harrier 'Jump' Jet Tailplane Desk

    A stunning desk made from an original Harrier 'Jump' Jet Tailplane Horizontal Stabiliser that has been stripped of its paint and polished to a mirror finish. Three aluminium legs and mountings have then been engineered and bolted to the underside giving it a finished height of 76.5 cm/just over 30 inches.
    The size is 208 cm/82 inches x 157.5 cm/62 inches, with a diagonal of 243 cm/95.5 inches.

    The Hawker Harrier fighter jet employs a Rolls Royce Pegasus engine with a thrust vectoring system that uses four swivelling nozzles, meaning it is able to provide thrust both for forward propulsion, and more unusually for lift, thus allowing for Vertical/Short Take-Off and Landing (V/STOL) flight. A V/STOL aircraft is able to take off from a very short runway, or even vertically if it does not have a heavy payload, and is able to land vertically i.e. without a runway. The unique vectored-thrust qualities of this engine powers all versions of the Harrier family of multi-role military aircraft; the most successful V/STOL aircraft in history, and the most effective modern subsonic fighter.
    Price £10,000-20,000


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