• Fiat G.91 Model Fighter Jet

    Stylish 1960’s polished aluminium Fiat G.91 jet fighter model on original stand. The position of the aircraft on its stand can be adjusted by rotating the model along its horizontal axis.

    Dimensions: 28 cm/11 inches (length) x 16.5 cm/6½ inches (wing span) x 22.5 cm/8¾ inches (height on stand when flat).

    The Fiat G.91 is an Italian lightweight tactical ground attack subsonic jet fighter aircraft designed and built by Fiat Aviazione. The G.91 has its origins in the NATO-organised NBMR-1 competition of 1953, which sought a light fighter-bomber "Light Weight Strike Fighter" to be adopted as standard equipment across the air forces of the various NATO nations. After reviewing multiple submissions, the G.91 was picked as the winning design of the NBMR-1 competition.
    The G.91 entered into operational service with the Italian Air Force in 1961, and with the West German Luftwaffe in the following year. Various other nations adopted it, such as the Portuguese Air Force. Fundamentally, the aircraft was designed for simplicity and agility but a key function was also its short-field capability, having been constructed with a rugged airframe to withstand the demands imposed by high-intensity operations and the use of semi-prepared airstrips. The G.91 enjoyed a long service life that extended over 35 years.
    Price £1,200.00 inc. VAT
    Outside the EU £1,000.00


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