• Model English Electric Lightning

    Splendid 1960s painted wooden model of an English Electric Lightning interceptor on newly made polished aluminium stand. The model was a display item for the RAF Air Cadets.
    Some work has been carried out to restore the original paint finish of the plane and the decals are replacements of the originals that were in poor condition when we acquired it.

    Dimensions: 61 cm/24 inches (length) x 43.5 cm/17⅛ inches (wing span) x 42 cm/16½ inches (height on stand).

    The Lightning was the RAF's first supersonic aircraft, and is the only British designed and built plane capable of flying at speeds in excess of Mach 2 (twice the speed of sound). Amongst other things, it was renowned for it's stagering rate of climb 'going vertical!'
    The aircraft was not built as a fighter, but as an interceptor. It was designed before the days of intercontinental missiles so it's job was to gain height as rapidly as it could and destroy any incoming enemy aircraft armed with a nuclear bomb. Consequently, its low fuel capacity was not seen to be an issue, as the expected flight time was to be measured in minutes rather than hours.
    Price £5,000-10,000


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