• Barabel Half Hull Model and Picture

    A rare builders half model of the 36 Linear Rater Barabel, designed by A Mylne, Glasgow.
    The half hull is made from solid timber, and painted cream to the waterline with painted caveta and black below, with a black deck. Bearing an ivorine plaque inscribed: Mr C.MacIver's "Barabel" 36LR designed by A Mylne, Glasgow on a mahogany backboard, set with 56 silver regatta prize flags, circa 1902-1904.
    The half hull comes together with a framed photograph of Barabel at sea.

    A. Mylne, Glasgow
    Alfred Mylne was apprenticed to the famous Scottish shipbuilders, Napier Shanks and Bell. He then worked as draftsman to G.L. Watson, where he was involved in drawing up the plans of the Royal Yacht "Britannia," the magnificent racing cutter that was first owned by the Prince of Wales [later King Edward VII] and which later passed to his son, King George V.
    Mylne set up his own office in 1896, which almost certainly makes the firm that still bears his name the world's oldest yacht design business in continuous production. Mylne immediately established a reputation as a designer of winning yachts, and was one of the people behind the most successful yacht handicap rules of all time - the International Metre Rule. Mylne designs were always admired for their elegance, and this was one of the attractions that drew owners to commission cruisers of every size from his design board.

    Charles MacIver - owner of Barabel

    Extract from The Yachting World. (Sept 4th, 1896)
    Yachting Celebrities

    ‘Descended from a family which has been connected with the sea for generations, it seems but natural to find that Charles MacIver has a strong fancy for yachting in all its varied branches.’

    Extract from The Yachting and Boating Monthly. (May 1908)
    Our Portrait Study of Charles MacIver.

    ‘Amongst yachtsmen of experience it is generally considered that there are a few amateurs whose comprehensive knowledge of racing and personal skill in steering and commanding a yacht in a sailing match is equal, if not really superior, to that of the best professional.’

    Mr Charles MacIver was considered one of the best amateur yachtsmen of his day, in fact equal to that of the best professional skippers.

    In 1902 Alfred Mylne designed for him the crack 36ft linear rater Barabel, and in three seasons he won fifty-six prizes.

    Half Hull dimensions 75 cm/29½ inches x 19 cm/7½ inches

    Framed photo dimensions 65 cm/25½ inches x 51 cm/20 inches
    Price £5,000-10,000


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