• Fine Victorian leather picnic set by Thornhill

    Fine Victorian 19th century leather cased hamper with silver plated fittings for two people; consisting of two plated food boxes, a cut glass decanter with shot glass stopper and cut glass tumbler, a pair of knives & forks, salt & pepper pots and two plates. The hamper has a makers mark on the cutlery and inside the lid, for the silversmith Walter Thornhill of Bond Street London. There is a pocket at the rear of the hamper for a table cloth and napkins. The leather has built up a beautiful patina.

    Dimensions: 28cm /11” x 16.5cm / 6 1/2” x 25cm / 9 3/4” tall
    Price £4,200.00 inc. VAT
    Outside the EU £3,500.00

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