• Dupont 'Hermès' Pocket Lighter

    Rare 1960's Dupont Hermès special edition Ligne 1 gas lighter in yellow gold plate with crosshatched engraved ‘Prince of Wales’ check decoration. Marked on the base S.T Dupont - Hermès - Paris - with plating thickness stamp (20 microns thick), serial no. and the Dupont makers mark. In good condition, serviced and in full working order. Serial number: B04035.

    Dimensions: 4.6 cm/1⅞ inches tall X 3.4 cm/1⅜ inches wide X 1.3 cm/½ inch thick.

    Every single Dupont lighter requires six hundred operations, 300 tests, 70 pieces and over 100 hours of work. Manufacturing process lasts for around 4 to 5 months in general. Every article is unique because the worker who assembles the lighter engraves his initials under the striker wheel. These initials reflect the quiet pride that goes into manufacturing the object.

    The colour of the Dupont gas refill required to refuel the lighter is painted red, green, blue or yellow/gold (unpainted) on the inside of the lighter’s fuel filler dust cap.
    Price £1,800.00 inc. VAT
    Outside the EU £1,500.00

Vintage Hermès

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