• Louis Vuitton LV Monogram Aero Trunk

    A splendid aero trunk with polished brass fittings, lozine trim and original interior with tray, circa 1915. The leather handles on this trunk are replacements, made as copies of the originals.

    Dimensions: 80.5cm/31¾ inches (length) x 46.5cm/18¼ inches (depth) x 33cm/13 inches (height).

    In a typically forward-thinking move, 1908 saw Vuitton trademark the name Aero for a new lightweight trunk design. But it wasn't until France’s Paris Air exhibition of 1920 that Louis Vuitton fully promoted the aero trunk; a lightweight trunk for gentlemen that was designed to weigh just 26 kg when full, though it was also designed to be able to accommodate:

    2 suits
    1 overcoat
    3 pairs of shorts
    3 waistcoats
    10 shirts
    3 nightshirts
    6 pairs of socks
    12 handkerchiefs
    1 pair of shoes
    2 hats
    18 shirt collars
    Ties and gloves
    Price £10,000-20,000

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