• Nautical Pocket Telescope

    An unusual pocket size three draw brass spyglass telescope with sliding eyepiece cover and end cap. Decorated with lacquered lithographed paper covering displaying maritime flags; circa 1900. This telescope is made up of three retractable brass sections and an outer brass barrel that is wrapped in original lacquer coated color-printed nautical lithograph. The print on the barrel is illustrated with a grid of 56 pictures of national naval and merchant flags” and another grid of 15 flags under the heading “Universal Telegraph's Flags and Pendants,” with a single flag to the right of that grid labeled “French Flag- War and Merchand.”

    Dimensions: 16½/42 cm inches/ when fully extended x 1 inch/2.5 cm objective lens diameter.
    6 inch length when retracted.

    Price £1,200.00 inc. VAT
    Outside the EU £1,000.00

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