• Pan Am Boeing 707 Model

    An exceptional large scale vintage fibreglass and resin composite promotional model of a Boeing 707 in Pan Am’s iconic livery on original steel and cast iron floor stand with ball and socket mount so the plane’s position can be adjusted as desired; circa 1958. Amazing quality and condition.

    Model Dimensions:
    139.5 cm/55 inches (length) x 129.5 cm/51 inches (wing span) x 129.5 cm/51 inches (maximum height on stand; in level flight).

    In 1955, Pan Am placed an order for 20 of Boeing’s new 707 aircraft, becoming the aircraft’s launch airline. On Aug. 15, 1958, Pan Am took delivery of the United States’ first commercial jet airliner, a Boeing 707-120, and began finalising plans to make history by inaugurating the first 707 service and the first daily transatlantic jet service from New York to Paris. On Oct. 26, 1958 Pan Am began operating flights with the 707, known as “Clipper America,” from New York to Paris (with a refuelling stop in Canada).

    Great Britain had been first with a jet service in May 1952, flying the de Havilland Comet I between London and Johannesburg, South Africa. However, after a series of accidents grounded Comet I aircraft Britain was determined to maintain the lead in jet travel and in order to stay ahead of Pan Am and Boeing, British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) inaugurated its own weekly transatlantic service on Oct. 4, 1958, with de Havilland's new Comet 4. It was able to perform two Atlantic crossings before Pan Am began their service with the 707. Although they were first, BOAC's transatlantic jet service with the Comet 4 did not prove a great success and it is Pan Am and the Boeing 707 that is generally credited with successfully ushering in the Jet Age.
    Price £10,000-20,000


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