• Small Half Hull Boat Model

    Charming laminated caved wood half hull model, on ebonised back board, dated 1949. The plaque indicates that the model was originally presented as the second prize trophy in a race at the CNFT (Club Nautique de France de Tegel) Regates d’Automne 1949. This yacht club was formed in 1946 in the French sector of post war North West Berlin by French military personnel who were amateur sailors on Lake Tegel. They competed against other local clubs of the time. The club still exists today showing the close ties between Germany and France. The half hull was made by a local Berlin model boat maker named Rudolf Konigsberg; the name and address are marked on the back.

    Dimensions: 25cm/9⅞ inches (length) x 7 cm/2¾ inches (height) x 3 cm/1¼ inches (thick)

    Price £950.00 inc. VAT
    Outside the EU £791.67


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