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Engineer's Tool Box

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An exceptional brass bound mahogany box containing a comprehensive selection of measuring instruments. Adapted with heavy gauge brass brackets so the box could be wall-hung.
A personal collection of late 19th Century/early 20th Century steel precision tools and measures en-cased in an earlier exceptional flame mahogany campaign box with superb brass banding.
The collection comprises 60 specialist measuring tools and associated components all carefully mounted and secured by bespoke brass catches into hand carved recesses let into the mahogany interior of the box and a specially added central hinged leaf.
The tools include external and internal calipers, micrometers from a thousandth of an inch, depth gauges, steel rules and comparison measures, a sheet metal gauge, several thread and radii finders, metal scribes, a fine centre finder, steel squares, a wire cutter together with other components; featuring examples from L.S. Starrett Co USA and W Whittam & Co.

The range of the tools and their close association suggest this collection was accumulated by a serious engineer, proud of and careful with his tools, possibly specialising in pattern making or, indeed, a scale model maker working to narrow tolerances in metals and wires.

Product Reference: 11826
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