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Vintage Table Football

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A fantastic original stained solid beech wood framed Spanish Football Table Circa 1980 from a bar or café. Comes complete with painted alloy players in Real Madrid and Barcelona colours, an abacus-type scoring system and set of footballs. Two of the best features of this wonderfully over-engineered table are firstly that the playing surface slopes from both ends towards the middle, meaning the ball is always in motion, and secondly the fact that the players have two legs, instead of the usual block feet, which makes for better control of the ball. The table was obviously used up until relatively recently, as the coin mechanism was changed over to Euros in 1999. We have now, however, disabled this feature so you can play game after game without interruption.

Dimensions: 168 cm/66 inches (length) x 176.5 cm/69½ inches (max. width)

Product Reference: 11731