• 'Gannochy’ Rapid Load Cartridge Dispenser
  • 'Gannochy’ Rapid Load Cartridge Dispenser
  • 'Gannochy’ Rapid Load Cartridge Dispenser

'Gannochy’ Rapid Load Cartridge Dispenser

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The 'Gannochy' takes its name from the Scottish estate just north west of Montrose, once famed for having one of the finest grouse moors in Scotland.

This device is worn slung over the shoulder so it rests comfortably on the hip. The drop-down lid opens to reveal a Mackintosh fabric inner rain-flap that can be rolled up, out of the way. The interior presents 100 cartridges all facing the right way, base outward, with just sufficient room between them to take two at a time and load the empty gun. The interior of the case has an aluminium square-frame supporting ten rows of ten steel spring-clips to hold the cartridges. To facilitate ease of their withdrawal, the frame provides for every other row of cartridges to stand proud of the adjacent rows. In their 1905 patent (No. 17825), J. McArthur and W. Prain acknowledged that the idea of arranging cartridges at different levels stemmed from F. Vetterli's British Patent No. 4808 of 1881.

Mr. McArthur was the head keeper on the Gannochy estate and the 'Gannochy’ Rapid Load Cartridge Dispenser was 'Made and Sold only by W. Prain, Saddler, 18 High Street, Montrose'.

This splendid example has tooled decoration to the leather exterior, original makers label in the lid and holds one hundred 12-bore cartridges. The strap is a newly made copy of the original with new canvas webbing and leather ends.

Dimensions: 26.5 cm/10½ inches (width) x 24 cm/9½ inches (length)

Product Reference: 12003