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Krauss Binoculars

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A rare pair of 12 x 72 (12 power magnification with 72 mm objective lenses) military binoculars by Krauss of France. The binocular block is made from cast brass and was manufactured for the French navy, date stamped 1934. The two Krauss brothers first set up a camera store in the late 1800's in Stuttgart, Germany. Eugen (E.) Krauss then moved to Paris and started what went on to be one of the top optical companies of the time, manufacturing binoculars, telescopes, cameras and microscopes. The brass binoculars have been stripped of their original black finish, polished, cleaned and then plated with a thin layer of gold to prevent them tarnishing and minimise cleaning. They have then been mounted on a custom made bracket fitted to a period wooden tripod stand. The optics have been fully refurbished to the highest standards.

Product Reference: 11467