• RB211 Model Engine
  • RB211 Model Engine
  • RB211 Model Engine

RB211 Model Engine

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This model is an early 1970's Rolls Royce RB211 'High By Pass Ratio' jet engine machined and finished in brass and elegantly mounted on a bracket on a black display plinth with a blank presentation plaque.

Developed at Derby, the initial costs of this engine drove the entire company into insolvency in February 1971. Rolls Royce was rescued by unusually speedy action from the government at that time; but the RB211 programme had to stand on its own merits. which, under the engineering brilliance of Sir Stanley Hooker and the tough financial expertise of Sir Arnold Weinstock, it did and went on to become the world leading power unit of choice for airlines and other applications.

Product Reference: 11503