• Swiss Army Compass/Sitometer
  • Swiss Army Compass/Sitometer
  • Swiss Army Compass/Sitometer

Swiss Army Compass/Sitometer

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Vintage Swiss Army Sitometer in original leather case. Developed especially for military use, it is a device in the form of a combined compass and level to define the angle and direction of artillery aim and rapid measurement of positions. From a design dating back to 1916. This small instrument is also ideal for obtaining a preliminary overview and carrying out reconnaissance. It allows the measurement of bearings (taken from magnetic North) and angles of elevation.
Precision engineered; alloy casing with brushed duralumin top, hinged metal lattice guard to the face and sapphire bearing mounted compass disk with spring locking mechanism to prevent damage during transit. Inscription on the top: Schussrichtung (Firing Direction), Zielpunkt (Target Point), Richtkreisschema (Aiming Circle Scheme). On the base the circular disk with rotating dial is inscribed with an arrow and the heading Richtwinkel (directional angle). Original label inside the lid of the leather case reads, 'Wichtig. Instrument genau horizontal halten. Das auge dicht an die linse bringen'; Important. Keep the instrument exactly horizontal. Bring the eye close to the lens.

Dimensions: (leather case) 8.5 cm/3⅜ inches x 6.5 cm/2½ inches x 3 cm/1¼ inches

Product Reference: 12186