• WWII Military Observation Binoculars
  • WWII Military Observation Binoculars
  • WWII Military Observation Binoculars

WWII Military Observation Binoculars

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An excellent 10 x 80 (10 power magnification and 80 mm objective lenses) double telescope binocular by Optische Prazisions-Werke GmbH. of Warsaw with 45° inclined oculars and integral filters. This model of binocular was designed by Emil Busch in 1935, adopted by the military in 1936 and went into production with various modifications and manufacturers. Companies including some located outside of Germany, in occupied countries, such as France, Poland, and Czechoslovakia were used to manufacture some of the optical equipment for the German military. Typically these companies were making equipment to designs from the bigger German optical firms and production was of the very highest quality.

The rugged construction made this binocular suitable for both day and night time observation and the direction of fire from artillery and flak stations. The side stamping in the casting is useful for identifying the binocular type (10 x 80) and the manufacturer’s identification code (eug). From 1940 the origin of military equipment was intended to be obscured from the enemy by the use of these government-issued, three-letter codes.
The binoculars have been stripped of their original paint, the cast aluminium polished to a mirror finish and then mounted on a custom made bracket fitted to a period height adjustable wooden tripod stand. The optics have been fully refurbished to the highest standards. These binoculars come with a newly made hardwood floor stand to provide stability to the tripod.

Dimensions: 37 cm/14½ inches (length of binocular).

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